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Who was Serakh bat Asher? The woman blessed to live for ever

Serakh bat Asher, daughter of Asher, plays a central role in the story of The Light in the Stone.  She is a curious character.  Her story is hinted at in the Old Testament, but never made explicit, which allows plenty of scope for a storyteller. She is first mentioned as […]

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The Tzohar Window into another world

The Light in the Stone is inspired by a story called the Tzohar*. A fragment of first light, the story goes, was placed inside a stone and given to Adam and Eve when they left Eden. This stone then passed down through generations. Whenever the stone appeared, dreams and visions […]

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Yusuf and Zulaikha "the most beautiful of stories..."

  Many years ago my friends Almuth Tebbenhoff and Francesca Ryan brought me a copy of the book Yusuf and Zulaikha. I was at that time teaching and performing Raqs Sharqi(Egyptian dance) and we talked together about how great it would be to create some kind of theatrical dance version […]

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