Who was Serakh bat Asher? The woman blessed to live for ever

Serakh bat Asher, daughter of Asher, plays a central role in the story of The Light in the Stone.  She is a curious character.  Her story is hinted at in the Old Testament, but never made explicit, which allows plenty of scope for a storyteller. She is first mentioned as […]

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The Tzohar Window into another world

The Light in the Stone is inspired by a story called the Tzohar*. A fragment of first light, the story goes, was placed inside a stone and given to Adam and Eve when they left Eden. This stone then passed down through generations. Whenever the stone appeared, dreams and visions […]

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Yusuf and Zulaikha "the most beautiful of stories..."

  Many years ago my friends Almuth Tebbenhoff and Francesca Ryan brought me a copy of the book Yusuf and Zulaikha. I was at that time teaching and performing Raqs Sharqi(Egyptian dance) and we talked together about how great it would be to create some kind of theatrical dance version […]

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Sarah Deco.

The Empty Centre: The shape of being human?

Recently I have been telling stories on the the theme of…. well it’s hard to say……but it seems to be something about an indefinable something which is perhaps nothing, i.e., an empty space, or maybe everything! Two events at which I’ve been telling stories: An exhibition and conference at the […]

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