To have lost, wantonly, the ancient forests, the vast grasslands is our madness, the presence in our very bodies of our grief’
        Wendell Berry, From Sabbaths 1987-90

We live in very remarkable times.  The choices we make now as a society, but also during our lifetimes as individuals, will likely decide the fate of the entire living system of our planet in the decades to come.  To be someone who feels this as a present and demanding reality is very challenging. There is no easy answer about how to live with this awareness.
For some there is no option other than to try and produce a tangible effect and become activists or campaigners. For others the work may be more reflective and internal or concerned with a less visible kind of activism which changes attitudes and perceptions.
Many of us don’t know what to do, but nonetheless feel the pain of loss as the world around us changes. Trying to articulate and work with the story of our times seems to me to be a very worthwhile endeavour.  I am interested in working with individuals or groups who see themselves, or would ike to see themselves as agents of change.

I offer individual coaching and group workshops. Please call me or email to discuss.

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