October 20th 2-6pm
Following on from Remorse, Re-storying and Re-enchantment
‘Cometh The Moment’
A workshop in the woods.
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Cometh the Moment 

November 3 -10th.
Join me for a storytelling holiday in Spain!

Opening Doors to Invisible Worlds

A journey inwards through myth and story

 Re-awaken your sense of wonder and aliveness by working with myths, folk tales and wondertales.

These stories contain deep wisdom distilled over generations and allow us to see our own lives as meaningfully connected to universal archetypal patterns. Walking their paths brings back a sense of magic into our lives and gives guidance in moving forward. 

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The North London Traditional Storytelling Circle meets on the second Thursday of the month 7-9pm. Email sarahdeco@me.com for further details.