The Light in the Stone
A tale of sacred stones and ancient secrets

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The Light in the Stone has been performed so far at

The Meditatio Centre,
The Poetry Cafe,
The School of Storytelling,
St Ethelburga;s Centre for Peace and Reconcilitaion
The London Interfaith Centre
Green note,  Camden

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An ancient stone, containing primordial light, is given to Adam and Eve by Raziel, Angel of Mysteries. It brings wisdom and transformation to all who encounter as it is passed from one generation to the next. Sometimes lost for eons, it rolls through ancient time and in its long and eventful journey approaches our own time. For more about the story see my Blog

The Light in the Stone weaves together tales from the three Abrahamic religions drawing from the oral traditions, stories and legends of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

with music by Ilana Cravitz and Elizabeth Nott

Ilana CravitzIlana Cravitz Violin,  Harp, specialises in traditional and baroque repertoire, with a particular focus on klezmer, the music of Jewish eastern Europe. Ilana has performed and taught klezmer repertoire all over the world, particularly with her group the London Klezmer Quartet. Ilana also plays Sephardic music (the repertoire of Ladino-speaking Jews) and regularly performs with Essex Baroque Orchestra and Suffolk Baroque Players.

Elizabeth NottElizabeth Nott, Percussion, studied Ethnomusicology at SOAS. Her collaborations since include work with Kanun player and composer Maya Youssef, Syrian Oud/composer Khyam Allami, Balkan/Eastern European band Tatcho Drom and singer songwriters Nadine Khouri and Amira Kheir.


What people have said:

‘I found the performance of Light in the Stone to be very special.  I loved that I  knew some of the stories and yet other perceptions and cultures were woven together with music adding a richness ad extra focus.   One accompanied person held my attention completely for almost an hour and a half and i was transported to different times and worlds.   I loved the event for its inclusivity and its welcome to us as audience.   I had the feel of being part of a story journey and I would love to connect up again and see where it  takes me next.’
Kathy Galashan

Content information:
Adapted from traditional stories by Sarah Deco
The stories:The Tzohar, The Chronicle of Serah bat Asher
The Soul of Ari
All can be found in Gabriel’s Palace a collection by Howard Schwarz
Yusef and Zuleika by Jami translated by David Pendlebury
The Elucidation in Perceval, le Conte du Graal by Chrétien de Troye.
All other material © Sarah Deco.
With grateful thanks to Del Reid, Shonaleigh Cumbers, Ashley Ramsden and Olivia Olsen for help and advice with the story and the telling of it.

Music by Ilana Cravitz and Elizabeth Nott
Nakhes Fun Kinder (Trad. arr. I. Cravitz) S’iz Nito Keyn Nekhtn (Trad. arr. I. Cravitz) Ana Fintizarak (Music: Zakaria A’hmad; Words: Mahmoud Biram Altounisi)
Wedding improvisation (I. Cravitz) Zikrayati (Muhamed al-Qasabji) Sa’alouni El Nas (Mansour Rahbani)
Sarakh’s Theme (I. Cravitz) Sakpipslät (Azam Ali)
Medieval Theme (I.Cravitz) Behusher Khosid (Trad. Jewish arr. I. Cravitz) Tants a Freylekhs (S. Beckerman)