I am a storyteller based in London.

I co-run run the North London Traditional Storytelling Circle. I tell stories in schools, libraries, at festivals and at many different and diverse venues and for a variety of different occasions. I facilitate workshops on personal and professional development using story; and I work with individuals who wish to explore story as an aspect of their personal or professional development.

We are all storytelling creatures. Often in this busy pressured world we rely on television or films for our stories and no longer have the pleasure of being told a story, person to person, or the pleasure of telling one. I hope you will get a sense through my website and blog of the riches of storytelling and how important stories and storytelling can be to us as individuals and as a society.

I’ll be giving The Margaret Jarvie Lecture on May 25th in Edinburgh on ‘How Much Truth Can We Bear?: Psychotherapy and an environment in Crisis
I have two short stories published in Knock Twice: 25 Tales for Troubled Times.

Listen to an Interview, where I’m speaking with John Flannery (Art Speak) about The Light in the Stone (starts at about 20 mins in)